Next time we’ll iterate on Himblick design and
development, Raspberry Pi 4 can now run plain standard Debian,
which should make a lot of things easier and cleaner when developing products
based on it.

Somewhat related to nspawn-runner,
random links somehow related to my feeling that nspawn comes from an ecosystem
which gives me a bigger sense of focus on security and solidity than Docker:

I did a lot of work on A38, a Python
library to deal with FatturaPA electronic invoicing,
and it was a wonderful surprise to see a positive review spontaneously appear! ♥:
Fattura elettronica, come visualizzarla con python | TuttoLogico

A beautiful, hands-on explanation of git internals, as a step by step guide to
reimplementing your own git: Git Internals – Learn by Building Your Own Git

I recently tried meson and liked it a lot. I then
gave unity builds a try, since it
supports them out of the box, and found myself with doubts. I found I wasn’t
alone, and I liked The Evils of Unity Builds
as a summary of the situation.

A point of view I liked on technological debt:
Technical debt as a lack of understanding

Finally, a classic, and a masterful explanation for a question that keeps
popping up: RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags