Exactly ten years ago, in February 2011, the first commit in ReText git
repository was made. It was just a single 364 lines Python file back then (now
the project has more than 6000 lines of Python code).

Since 2011, the editor migrated from SourceForge to GitHub, gained a lot of new
features, and — most importantly — now there is an active community around it,
which includes both long-time contributors and newcomers who create their first
issues or pull requests. I don’t always have enough time to reply to issues
or implement new features myself, but the community members help me with this.

Earlier this month, I made a new release (7.2), which adds a side panel with
directory tree (contributed by Xavier Gouchet), option to fully highlight
wrapped lines (contributed by nihillum), ability to search in the preview
mode and much more — see the release page on GitHub.

Side panel in ReText

Also a new version of PyMarkups module was released, which contains all the
code for processing various markup languages. It now supports
markdown-extensions.yaml files which allow specifying complex extensions
options and adds initial support for MathJax 3.

Also check out the release notes for 7.1 which was not announced on this

Future plans include making at least one more release this year, adding support
for Qt 6. Qt 5 support will last for at least one more year.