Currently, Debian has two running votings: DPL election 2021 and
GR about RSM.

If you want to use the command line only for sending the filled ballot per email, there are a couple of helpers.

Let us assume, that you have got the ballot, filled it and saved as a vote.txt.

Signed-only message

If it is acceptable for you yo send signed only message (not encrypted), use following snippets:

cat vote.txt | gpg --clearsign |  mail
cat vote.txt | gpg --clearsign |  mail

Signed and encrypted message

If you wish to encrypt the message, the public key which is attached to the ballot should be imported with

gpg --import public_key.asc

Then you can vote.

cat vote.txt | gpg --encrypt --armor -s -r |  mail
cat vote.txt | gpg --encrypt --armor -s -r |  mail

You can specify some more parameters to the mail such as “From:”-field and “reply-to” address:

...  mail -a "From: Max Mustermann <>" -r

Hope that helps.

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