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With the advent of gnome40 and gtk4, many changes are coming.

Good news is that it is gorgeous, performant, smooth and has nice gesture support. The release date of gnome 40 is March 24th 2021, and it will probably take about 2-4 weeks after that before the changes are likely to come to the stable branch. So, we are preparing ahead of time as well we can to make the next release as good as possible.

@Ste74 is packaging gnome-next, a group of packages with which you can test gnome 40 already and contribute feedback to the upstream and suggestions and wishes on how you feel Manjaro gnome edition should proceed.

We have set up automatic daily iso builds on github. The iso is very minimal and is meant mostly for testing gnome-shell. The iso-files of over 2Gb are split into multiple zip files because of the filesize restrictions in free tier of github. When you have downloaded the parts of the iso that you want, you can extract it together with command 7z x *.z01 or by using engrampa or other graphical archive managers. If we notice some iso to be good enough, we can upload it to osdn too for easier access.

Have fun testing and please provide opinions and feedback! Expect bugs and most extensions not working yet, the big two being dash-to-dock and dash-to-panel.

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